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How to Seal Concrete

September 18, 2015

To keep your concrete looking brand new, applying a concrete sealant is a task worth carrying out. A sealant, when applied correctly, gives concrete a smooth glossy finish that’s easier to clean. What’s more, applying a sealer to your concrete has the benefit of making the surface more resistant to weather, grease and dirt stains, and any abrasive materials such as deicing salts.

We’ve listed a few of the things you need to know about sealing concrete.

Prepare the Surface

It’s important to make sure any oil, dirt or grease is removed from the concrete before applying the sealant, or it will not adhere properly. A water pressure washer is perfect for this – just make sure it dries before applying the sealant.


There are two popular methods of applying sealers to concrete; via rollers or a spray.

Sprayers – High pressure sprays are ideal for either water or solvent based sealers, and can cover large surface areas. Low pressure sprayers are best for solvent based sealers, and should be cleaned with solvent to avoid blockages.

Roller – A basic paint roller can be used to apply water and solvent based sealers, although it may not be an ideal method for roughing surfaces where puddling is more likely.

With either method, it is a good idea to always strive for maximum coverage, but remember that a few thinner coats is better than one thick one. Aim to apply two thin and even coats applied in the opposite direction to one another.

When should I apply sealer?

It is important to wait until concrete is dry before applying sealant to ensure it adheres correctly. It will work best if temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius during and after application.


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