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A Consumer Guide to Ready Mix Concrete

January 21, 2014

With advances in recipes and materials available in the construction industry, you can now have a batch of concrete made to your exact specifications for almost any purpose. These advances change all the time, and no matter whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned expert our ready mix concrete tips could help you when you decide to place your next order.

Choosing the mix you need

There are so many ways in which concrete can be utilised these days. With a range of additives and aggregates available, you can produce a mixture specifically for your needs whether you are laying foundations, building walls, floors or filling trenches. If you know the precise mix and ratio of materials, then ensure you have the details with you when placing the order. Alternatively, when speaking to quality providers of concrete mixes, you can explain what purpose you need the concrete for and they will be able to create the best mix for the job you’ve stated.

Depending on what mixture you request, your concrete will be made up of cement, additives, aggregates, water and air. The ratios of these components can influence the speed in which the concrete dries, how strong it is and what it can resist or defend against.

How much do you need?

The next important thing to consider is how much of the mixture you need. This will be calculated with the specific dimensions of the job that you’re carrying out. You will need to measure the width, depth and length of any area you wish to fill or build. The more complex the shape, the harder it can be to determine what the dimensions are, but if in doubt contact your concrete supplier to get help measuring your project.

All of your measurements should be taken down in the same units so as to avoid confusion further down the line.

Only pay for what you need

With volumetric concrete mixers available, you can have your precise recipe of concrete made up and delivered to you on site. This means that you never have to pay for excess or waste, you get only what you ordered saving you money and cutting down the effects of waste on the environment. The mixture will be in a constant ready-to-use state due to the mixing blades so you can get straight to work.

It is for this reason, however, that you need to ensure that you have your measurements right, as without enough of your mixture you won’t be able to complete the task at hand and will incur the costs for having more made up.

If you have special requirements for the supply of your concrete, then please alert the company you are working with, a quality concrete supplier will undoubtedly have ways in which to deliver concrete into tricky areas with pumps. Whether you need the concrete pumped upstairs or to an inaccessible area of land behind a building, a volumetric concrete mixer can deliver your mixture down to the cubic metre.

If you’re looking for a volumetric concrete mixer for your project, call on Roadmaster Concrete Mixers. Our range includes a number of high quality mixers for sale at competitive rates, while our extensive selection of spare and replacement parts will keep your truck running at its optimum level.

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