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Should you Refurbish or Replace your Mixing Truck?

March 15, 2014

With better materials and better construction technology, the modern volumetric concrete mixing truck is far more sturdy and reliable than in previous decades. However, this doesn’t mean that your truck won’t need replacing or refurbishing at some point, as with constant use there is an end of life for every truck.

There are two options available to you depending on your situation. The first is that you can simply choose to have the truck refurbished; this can be done if the vehicle itself is still in good working condition and only the mixer needs replacing. The alternative, presumably because neither the mixer nor the main structure of the truck can be rescued and reused, is to buy a new concrete mixing truck.

Which parts can be replaced?

Since a volumetric truck is still a vehicle – essentially a truck with a mixer mounted on – you can readily buy the parts you need for it to function as such, with auto centres supplying parts as well as individual manufacturers. Careful maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle should mean that you don’t have to source replacement parts for quite some time, but should you need to then everything from small parts like air pressure components to the main mixing barrel can be bought new.

Refurbish or buy new?

There are benefits to be seen whether you buy a completely new vehicle or refurbish it as and when parts need replacing. Clearly, when you buy a new vehicle you are once again given an assurance that the vehicle will run smoothly, without fault and to its optimum capabilities. This is an ideal move for any company with the money ready to invest and ensures the continuous smooth running of their operations.

For those without that kind of finance readily available however, it might be better to replace parts along the way to extend the life of the mixer. This is cheaper to begin with as you will be paying far less for an individual part rather than a whole new truck. Over time however, there will come a point where you replace so many parts on a vehicle that you are forced to scrap your vehicle and buy new.

The one factor left untouched in this article until now is that of second-hand parts. We have discussed that most parts you would need on a volumetric concrete mixing truck can be bought new, but what about making a second hand purchase of an entire vehicle? You might actually be able to purchase a truck second hand for a fraction of the price of a brand new truck.


A final consideration should be given to the appearance of your truck. If you’re operating a truck that is yellow all over but replace a part – such as the canopy – with something of a different colour, then you won’t be carrying forward a brand. Customers might be put off by the ramshackle look of truck which has been pieced together. Branding is also a key part of your business – without your company name on a unit how will people be able to seek you out as a company? The extra costs of repainting a unit or having a logo or decal added could end up adding an unexpected cost to your second hand or refurbished vehicle.

If you want the ease and convenience of purchasing a new volumetric concrete mixing truck, then look no further than Roadmaster Omega Concrete Mixers. We offer spare parts as well as second hand units so there is something for every budget, simply contact our professional team today to discuss your needs and we will find a solution to suit your needs.