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Volumetric Concrete Mixers: The Benefits

April 2, 2013

Developments in technology are forever making life more convenient for us; reducing effort and increasing productivity. The construction business is no exception, with advances in all areas – from machinery to materials – helping all contractors to produce work quickly and efficiently.

One such advance in the concrete industry has seen the introduction and development of the volumetric concrete mixing method – an innovative technique that provides a huge number of benefits for both concrete producers and trade customers alike.

Volumetric concrete mixing has become the norm within the construction industry, slowly taking over from traditional methods since its creation in the early 1960s. Although the version of mixing volumetrically using a screw auger was invented by Pennsylvania born farmer Harold Zimmerman in 1964, various developments to the technique have since improved the design infinitely, from Fred Caron and Neal Surry’s modification for the trailer-mounted drum mixer to the traditional paddle mixers that have been in use for over half a century. Every tweak and modification has made the process more efficient still, and volumetric mixing remains the most cost and time-effective method of concrete mixing today.

Here are just a few of the benefits…

Time and money saver:

Also referred to as the ‘mobile mix concrete’ method, volumetric mixing is a way of producing concrete directly on the site of your building project. The nature of the design of the volumetric method means that only the exact amount of concrete you require is mixed, offering clear monetary savings on production and transportation of any extra or excess to and from the site.

Where before concrete would be mixed at a central mixing plant and delivered at a predetermined amount, now volumetric systems essentially form a mobile batching plant and can dispense bespoke concrete mixes whenever needed, so no more overpaying for unwanted excess.

Excess waste reduction:

Volumetric mixing allows for production of only the required amount with each batch, as well as topping up if more is needed. The raw concrete ingredients (cement, water, aggregate) are proportioned volumetrically using a chain feed and adjustable gate, before being mixed in either a screw auger, paddle or drum device, depending on the intended use of the concrete or the exact make-up of its constituent parts.

Different types of aggregate can be mixed with cement consecutively with the volumetric system, as each ingredient is stored in separate compartments, ready for mixing as and when. The user has complete control over the proportions added to the mix throughout the process, allowing for modification at every stage.

Transportation efficiency:

Due to the onsite location of the mixing with the volumetric system, the risk of a premixed batch becoming hydrated or segregated in transit – especially on hot days where the danger of drying out is prevalent – is almost entirely removed. Similarly, if more concrete is required for a project than was originally thought necessary, there is no delay waiting for extra to arrive onsite, during which time the already laid mix may begin to dry.

Aside from the obvious reduction in your carbon footprint, if your company operates using volumetric concrete mixers, you could make multiple deliveries to construction sites with just one load, making smaller trips far more feasible economically.

Roadmaster Concrete Mixers

Roadmaster Concrete Mixers provide a range of volumetric concrete mixers for use within the trade, which are able to increase your concrete production rate without leaving you with unwanted excess.

From 10m Global Mixers to cement silos, our concrete mixers are offered at great value prices, with a selection of new and used models available.

So why risk ordering unnecessarily large or small batches of concrete for your construction project – consider a volumetric concrete mixer, and start saving you or your business time and money today.

Contact the team at Roadmaster Concrete Mixers for more information, or feel free to browse our selection of volumetric mixers on our website.