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How to Choose the Right Concrete Supplier

December 22, 2014

Concrete is a far more versatile material than you might think, which is why it is important to know what you are looking for when undertaking a concrete-based project. The type of mix you use, the strength, the colour, the flexibility and the kind of finish you will require, all depend on your application, i.e. what exactly it is that you are hoping to accomplish.

If you aren’t into DIY, you will need an expert to help you decide upon the correct concrete to use and is capable of completing the job to a professional standard. But, of course, only you can decide on the best contractor to use.

building-concreteNowadays, volumetric mixed concreting is the best way of delivering and administering concrete accurately and efficiently. The concrete is mixed on site to the correct specifications for the job and the conditions, and only the required amount is used, therefore saving you money. Changing weather conditions can also be accommodated for, with alterations to the mix possible at short notice.

Here are some question you may consider asking, so as to avoid the shoddy operators and the dreaded “rogue traders”:


-Can they provide some photographs of previous work? When choosing a concrete supplier/contractor, check out any photos they may have displayed on a website, or ask to see some evidence of previous work. There really isn’t any excuse for not having some images available; everybody takes photos of everything these days.


-What warranty is being offered? This, at least, offers some peace of mind as to the professionalism and commitment of the contractor. Be sure to check the details though; the warranty may sound like assurance, but on closer inspection may not provide adequate cover.


-When are they available? If they are available at a moment’s notice, you might be pleased initially, however, you should be wondering as to why they are so readily available. Most busy concrete suppliers are booked up for a few weeks or even more than a month in advance. But remember, they are usually busy for good reason.


-How long will the job take? If they are in any way unsure, alarm bells should definitely start ringing. Wandering off mid-way through this kind of work, without a very valid reason, isn’t acceptable. In short, avoid hiring anybody who doesn’t sound completely confident.


Of course, there is a fine line in how you broach these questions. It also pays to be tactful; you don’t need to read off the whole list, just make a couple of sensible inquiries in order to gain an impression of who you are dealing with. If you find someone who is immediately defensive at the slightest query, you should probably avoid them.

Written by Roadmaster Concrete Mixers, the leading suppliers of volumetric concrete mixers across the UK and Europe. Get in touch with our team today for more details.