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Top Tips for Concrete Maintenance

July 31, 2015

Concrete is one of the most robust man-made materials for making the exterior of your building, driveways, patios and other structures stunning. However, it normally suffers from being exposed to some elements, so it is advisable to do some maintenance if you want it to stay in good conditions as long as possible. It is therefore important to understand how to maintain your concrete to avoid ugly surfaces and potentially endangering structures. Here are some top tips for concrete maintenance for your home.


  1. Cleaningpressurewasher

Cleaning is one of the best steps you can take to keep your concrete looking at its best. Remove the debris that can scratch and crack your floors. Use pressure washers to clean any stains that can interfere with the structural integrity of your concrete floors, driveway and wall.


  1. Fix Minor Flaws

If your concrete floor, wall and driveways suffer minor scratches or cracks, you should repair them using proper patching materials. Fix cracks while they are still small to prevent further damage. Remember: cracks in concrete occur naturally due to the shifting of the ground beneath.


  1. Cracked_iceAvoid Deicing Chemicals

Acidic chemicals can damage your concrete because they force moisture to thaw, leading to scaling. You must avoid products that contain acid, since they break down the concrete. Deicers like rock salt or calcium chloride are not as damaging as acids, but they can corrode metal in your home. Please check the label on the cleaning agent to confirm the ingredients of the products.


  1. Don’t Use Sharp Object on your Concrete

If you live in areas where ice and snow are a fact of life, you will need to shovel the concrete on the driveway. Avoid snow shovels with sharp metal blades that might chip or scratch the surface. Again, don’t use a metal ice chipper to remove the ice on your concrete.


  1. Rust_and_dirtDon’t Let Stains Sit

While the sealing process can help protect your concrete floor or drive from stains, you still need to clean any petrol, oil or grease spills as fast as possible. If your concrete is already discoloured, you should use a pressure washer or other cleaning chemicals to fully remove the stains.


  1. Avoid Overloading Your Concrete

Concrete is one of the long-lasting driveway materials, but a typical residential driveway is not constructed to hold heavy vehicles or very large objects like construction equipment and lorries. Avoid overloading your concrete driveway or pavement to make it last longer without constant resurfacing.


  1. Wax Polishing

Wax polishing can keep your concrete surface beautiful and help protect against stains by creating a barrier. However, with regular waxing of the concrete surface, it may be dull and stained easily. Adding wax to the floor unnecessarily adds to its maintenance cost.


  1. Regular upkeep

You should always keep a close eye on your concrete surfaces: check for degradation and damage on a regular basis. If you properly etch, clean and seal your floor or driveways, upkeep is just sweeping all the debris or mopping up any spilled grease, oil, or other stains. A simple monthly check for flaking sealants and pressure washing these areas would be fine.

Written by Roadmaster Concrete Mixers, the leading providers of volumetric concrete mixers throughout the UK and Europe.


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