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How to Stain a Concrete Floor

June 17, 2014

306753633_7494509190_zStaining a concrete floor is an excellent choice for people who want a more sophisticated look without the work of replacing the floor entirely. Concrete that has been stained appears luminous and attractive, and has much more depth and character than painted concrete. You can use a concrete stain to imitate the appearance of marble, stone or even stained wood. Best of all, the process is simple enough that almost anyone can do it themselves.

If you’re renovating a basement, building an extension, or carrying out any other kind of project that requires you to lay a new floor, a concrete floor can be the simplest route to take. Volumetric concrete mixers and a few commonplace tools are all you need to lay out the floor, and later on you can stain the floor to create any effect you desire.


Preparing to Stain Your Floor

Preparation is perhaps the most important part of staining your concrete floor. Start by moving everything out of the room, including any articles of furniture. You’re going to want to sand the floor in order to remove any imperfections or old concrete finishes, leaving a perfectly smooth surface for you to work with. When you are finished sanding, you will want to clean the floor using a broom, a vacuum or both. Apply a concrete cleaner to the entire floor with a mop, and wait for the floor to dry before you move on to the next step.

Your floor is now ready to be stained. Before you begin, you will want to use painter’s tape to mark off baseboards and any other areas that are adjacent to the concrete you will be finishing. Concrete stain can be impossible to remove if it gets into wood.


Staining Your Floor

Start by mixing the stain in a pump-style sprayer. You will probably want to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for ratio of stain to water, but keep in mind that the intensity of the colour can be diluted by adding more water. When you are ready to begin staining, hold the sprayer about eighteen inches above the floor for the best effect, and start at the far end of the room, walking out toward the door as you spray. After you have applied the stain evenly over the entire floor, you will have to wait at least an hour for it to dry. You will want to add more coats of stain until you reach the desired intensity of colour, waiting for each coat to dry before you move on to the next one. Most floors will require at least two or three coats of stain before a really profound effect is achieved.

When you have finished staining, you will need to apply concrete sealant to protect your floor. Apply the sealant with a paint roller, taking care not to spread the sealant too thickly. It is better to apply two or more thin coats of sealant than one thick coat, as the thin coats will result in a better bond with the concrete.

Congratulations! You’ve finished staining your concrete floor, and the result should be impressive. You will need to wait twenty-four hours for the sealant to dry, and then you can proceed to use the room as usual.

Written by Roadmaster Concrete Mixers; the leading supplier of volumetric concrete mixers across the UK and Europe.

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