Why Volumetric?

We manufacture and supply advanced volumetric mixing trucks and our clients reap many benefits when investing in one our machines. Volumetric concrete mixing has many advantages over traditional methods of concrete delivery and supply.

Benefits of Volumetric Concrete

  • Lower equipment cost, higher return on investment Our volumetric mixing trucks usually cost less than traditional concrete delivery equipment, especially when you factor in the cost of supporting drum mixers and because volumetric mixers have a very high production rate, they are much more economical and the return investment is often much higher.
  • Incredibly versatile machines Our equipment can be used as stationary machines or, alternatively, serve as mobile units capable of delivering concrete to a huge variety of locations. Time and distance limitations that apply to traditional methods of concrete delivery do not apply to volumetric mixers.
  • Simplicity of operation Our volumetric mixers are easy to use and it is fairly simply to train truck operatives, making the employment of drivers affordable. Their versatile nature means they can easily transport different strengths and types of concrete and operators can simply adjust water and admix flow as needed.
  • Concrete can be accurately measured As volumetric mixers feature a counter, one of their main advantages is you can mix on-site. Therefore, you can mix the exact amount required, eliminating waste, fuss and mess. This method of metered concrete is also incredibly cost-effective.

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Volumetric Concrete Mixers