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Concrete Countertops for Your kitchen

June 21, 2016

When you think of countertops for your kitchen, you probably think of glass, granite or marble. However, you might be amazed at the results you can get by using concrete, that’s why we here at Roadmaster Concrete Mixers have put together this guide to brief you on why you should consider using concrete for your kitchen countertops.


As you might expect concrete offers unrivalled durability. You won’t want to put the effort into designing and installing a whole new countertop to have it wear down quickly, and concrete will make sure all your hard work will last.

Concrete is designed to stand the test of time and will not wear out easily so you don’t need to worry about its general appearance diminishing as you use it. In fact, concrete ages remarkably well and instead of depreciating over time it generally gains character as it naturally changes with age.

A well made concrete countertop should resist the occurrence of annoying and unsightly stress induced cracks and, with proper care, your concrete countertop could last for decades.

Style choices

One of the most attractive aspects of concrete countertops is the vast amount of customisation that comes with them. Unlike factory-made countertops, each concrete countertop is designed uniquely for their owner. The addition of custom integral pigments allow you to choose any specific colour not possible in other countertops, while the shape, size and finish can all be designed and built specific to your tastes and requirements.

It’s very easy to have a concrete countertop that fits seamlessly with the design and decor of the rest of your kitchen and will instantly complement any other concrete aspect of the room – like the floor or walls. You can even embed custom details or mementos to make it even more personal to you, and edge details can be created to add an extra touch of individuality. The design possibilities with concrete countertops are limitless and will really test your creativity.

Easy to maintain

While concrete is a porous material and could be prone to staining, simply applying a sealant will make the concrete countertop both water and stain resistant. That’s really the biggest step you’ll have to take to look after your concrete countertop. They are incredibly easy to clean; warm soapy water will work when you want to wipe it down. A concrete countertop should be as easy to clean and maintain as a laminate one if you simply avoid using anything that might wear the sealant away like tough scrubbing pads.

More affordable than you might expect

While you may think that a concrete countertop would command a hefty, unrealistic price, it is actually comparable in price to other premium countertop materials like granite or engineered quartz. The price of extensive customisation may ramp that up a little but the long term cost of a concrete countertop will help offset the expenditure. It is unlikely that you’ll need to replace a concrete countertop or perform any major or costly repairs. If you’re after a premium kitchen countertop, concrete offers the most options for your money, making it a sound investment.


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