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How to Create Non-Slip Concrete Flooring

October 15, 2015

With the arrival of the winter months, it’s important to remember that concrete can become slippery in the cold and wet. It’s easy for an accident to occur due to the reduced friction, especially on hilly surfaces or steps, so taking a precaution to increase the grip on your concrete now is wise.

There are a range of options available that can remedy a slippery concrete surface, whether it’s for a domestic or commercial property, and we’ve listed some of these below. The list is split into two sections: one of when your concrete has not yet been poured, and one for pre-existing concrete.

New Concrete

Broom finish

A commonly used method for creating grip on the surface of concrete is to brush a broom across the finished surface before it cures. This will create small grooves that increase the friction of the surface, and as an added plus, is easy to clean.

Rock salt

This helps add texture to concrete before it has been cured, providing an attractive finish. The salt is sprinkled over the surface and then smoothed out – once the concrete has cured, the salt washes away and leaves the textured finish.

Seeded aggregate

This is when small stones are packed into the finished concrete, providing one of the more aesthetically pleasing concrete finishes. This is a popular option for domestic properties such as one porches and patios.

Existing Concrete

Gritty sealers

Ground up polythene can be applied to the final sealer coat to increase the friction in the concrete. The polythene grit becomes transparent when added to sealant, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the finish.

Slip resistant tape

This is an inexpensive option ideal for concrete that only needs slip resistance in certain spots, or to draw attention to areas such as stairs or kerbs. The tape is ideal for public steps that will be in constant use, providing round the clock visibility and grip.

It’s important to install the tape on a dry, warm surface that has been cleaned thoroughly, and apply a sealant first as this will create a smooth, flat surface on which to stick the tape.


Painting your concrete can increase the friction of the surface, whilst also making the finish more colourful and appealing. However, paint can peel with wear and the friction is reduced if the concrete freezes, making it more of a short-term fix than a solution.


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