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Permeable Concrete and it’s advantages

January 15, 2016

Here at Roadmaster Concrete Mixers, we’re always interested in the advancing technology when it comes to concrete. With an increased focus on convenience and eco-friendly solutions, permeable concrete has been hailed as the ideal solution for some serious problems.


Permeable concrete is composed of several layers, designed to channel water rather than simply letting it pile up on top. It therefore has a permeable surface layer made up of large pebbles which water can quickly drain through. This layer tops an attenuation layer which feeds the water into a drainage system, meaning the water can be recycled.

Often, extreme flooding can occur due to concrete surfaces lacking the adequate properties to drain water. Permeable concrete is therefore the ideal solution, and advances in its design mean that the surface layer can be made to support and withstand the weight of heavy traffic too.

There are many advantages to using permeable concrete in some areas as opposed to standard concrete mixes, and these include:

Reduced risk of flooding

Permeable concrete’s properties to quickly drain water from the surface layer mean in heavy rainfall or situations where there is a flood risk, the surface run off will be reduced, therefore contributing massively to reducing the risk of the surrounding area becoming flooded.

Can be used in conjunction with existing concrete

Permeable concrete can also be used in conjunction with existing concrete surfaces, meaning cities do not need to undertake the expensive and time-consuming task of replacing all surfaces. The permeable concrete can be installed so that the run off from regular concrete is fed on to it and therefore drained quicker.

Cooler surface temperature

During the hotter months, the water stored within the system will evaporate. This process creates a cooling effect that reduces the overall temperature of the concrete, which can be extremely useful for pedestrians, kinder on pet’s paws, and generally better for car tyres too.

Less wasted rain water

In some areas of the world, draughts caused by climate change are a real problem, leading to land and water resources drying up. With an increasing amount of surface area paved by concrete, rainwater is absorbed and wasted. However, permeable concrete’s ability to drain and redirect water is the solution, able to essentially collect rainwater and recharge water sources nearby.

Whilst it is clear that permeable concrete possess many extremely useful properties, the system relies on a climate that will not dip below freezing temperatures. This is because if the water freezes, the entire system could be destroyed. The application of this type of concrete is therefore limited to warmer locations with mild winters, and is not able to be laid everywhere.


Here at Roadmaster Concrete Mixers, our team have the experience and knowledge needed to know what type of truck is best suited to your concrete requirements. Our quality fleet of volumetric concrete trucks are capable of delivering a wide variety of types and strengths of concrete, so we’re able to cater to each client’s individual specifications.

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Image courtesy of https://www.smgov.net/uploadedImages/Departments/Public_Works/Civil_Engineering/Street_Maintenance/pervious-water-pic.JPG