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What is Concrete Curing?

March 21, 2016

Curing concrete is the process of maintaining the moisture on concrete once it has been poured and is in the process of setting. It is essential to cure your concrete to enable it to gain strength properly – uncured concrete will most likely result in cracks and weak patches.

Why do you need to cure concrete?

Concrete needs to retain moisture while setting in order to allow the ingredients in the mix to bond – if it sets too quickly, it will be weaker in certain areas and may crack or break under strain.

How do you do it?

There are several methods available for curing concrete:

Spray: If the surface area is relatively small, you can spray the surface evenly with water while it sets. This method is not the most suitable for larger areas however as it can waste a lot of water.

Ponding: This is a process of curing whereby a dam wall is created around the concrete using sand. The area is then flooded, providing the setting concrete with a constant water source. The biggest disadvantage of this process of curing, however, is that other work has to be paused while the concrete is setting under the water.

Plastic wrap: This method is popular for larger areas of concrete, involving plastic wrap being laid across the concrete to protect it against evaporation. Compounds can also be used to create a sealed layer between the wrap and concrete.


The process of hardenings starts as soon as you mix water with the aggregate, so you should have the equipment you need for the curing process prepared before you start pouring the concrete. Once the concrete has been poured, put in place your chosen curing technique to retain the moisture.

Be mindful of the weather when thinking about curing concrete, as this can have an impact on the speed of the concrete setting. If it’s too hot or humid, you may want to pause pouring the concrete until the temperature drops. Likewise, if it’s too cold then extra attention should be given to the curing process, so consider using heaters or insulated blankets to retain the moisture while it sets and to slow the drying process.

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