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What are the different types of concrete pumps?

February 21, 2016

When your construction project involves pumping concrete at some stage, it’s important to know which concrete pump is most suited to your requirements. Concrete pumps are the ideal option for placing concrete at a faster rate, and are useful for areas that may have limited access or restricted areas in which concrete needs to be poured.

Here at Roadmaster Concrete Mixers, we’ve been supply concrete pumps for years, so we know the high quality work a pump can deliver, not to mention the valuable time saved.

In this article, we’ve outlined the main differences between concrete pumps, and their popular uses. The most common two types of pump are boom pumps and stationary pumps, however specialized usage pumps can also be used in certain circumstances.

Boom pump

Boom pumps are often attached to a truck, featuring a remotely controlled hydraulic arm which can place concrete accurately where it needs to be poured. This type of pump is extremely useful for large construction projects, ensuring that the right areas are targeted, and is also able to navigate any obstacles as it moves.

This pump is therefore recommended for larger projects, or where there is limited space around the pouring area, because of it’s added maneuverability and capability to pump large volumes of concrete in a shorter amount of time.

Stationary pump

Stationary pumps are also more commonly mounted on a trailer or attached to a truck, but instead pump concrete through steel pipelines or rubber hoses attached to the machine. The pipelines can be directed towards the area in which the concrete is to be poured, but has less maneuverability than a boom pump.

Stationary pumps are best suited to projects that require a smaller volume of concrete to be pumped, as they are often slower than the other type of pump.

Specialised usage pump

Specialized usage pumps are not used often because of the high costs to use them efficiently. This type of pump is specifically made for more specialized job sites, which can include work taking place in tunnels or mines.


Here at Roadmaster Concrete Mixers, we know the importance of the right concrete pump for restricted areas. That’s why we offer both boom and stationary pumps, so we’re sure to have the type that will suit your requirements best.

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